Digital PA System


  • Applying CAN 2.0 communications as the equipment control communications method to detect error at the transmission rate of max. 1Mbps and with 15-bit CRC error code, thereby preventing data loss by requesting retransmission in case of an error and secure the stability of equipment at the rate about 9 times higher than the rate of existing RS communications method
  • Saving cost and securing stability by integrating and simplifying the system – emergency broadcasting, time signal function, remote amplifier control function, BGM control function, battery charge function, etc.
  • The digital audio mixer has been configured to enable 8-channel broadcasting at 16 inputs and 8 outputs. All the functions and sound equipment such as a radio, a CD player and a cassette are controllable with Windows programs.
  • Network communications – It is available to control and deliver sound through the network to control equipment and broadcast anywhere with network formed
  • The security system, broadcasting linked with fire announcement and 16 preset functions are available to be used by simply storing preset value
Digital PA System Projects




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