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Core Capability

L&B Technology Main Capability

L&B Technology equipped with technologies of different levels boasts continuous development and research in digital sound broadcasting equipment.

Features of Digital PA System

① Short-circuit protection function embedded

② Volume and sound quality control by region 

③ Processing speed and stable communication methods 

④ Simple change using operating programs 

⑤ Control and sound transmission with network 

⑥ Broadcasting by schedule using various sound sources 

⑦ Convenient one-touch storage function 

⑧ Easy to manage integrated systems

⑨ Security systems (emergency bell), firefighting broadcasting linkage functions 

⑩ 8-CH diversified broadcasting 

⑪ Simple BGM control function 

⑫ Simple equipment wiring

Main Business

Design, manufacturing, and installation of Digital PA system

Design, manufacturing, and installation of A/V system for large auditorium, multipurpose auditorium, and gym

Design, manufacturing, and installation of A/V system for multipurpose and special facilities

Design, manufacturing, and installation of HD video transmission system

Design, manufacturing, and installation of HD video editing system

Design, manufacturing, and installation of systems for simultaneous interpretation/conference

Design, manufacturing, and installation of CCTV system

Design and installation of electronic board system


NET New Technology Certification (No. 0951)

Assigned as excellent procurement product (No. 2017092)

Performance Certification from Small and Medium Venture Business Administration (No. 12-240)

Quality Management System Certificate (ISO 9001: 2008)

Information and communication construction business license registration company

Information and communication engineering business license registration company

Direct production confirmation of local broadcasting systems

Direct production confirmation of CCTV


Motto of a Company

Harmony and unity,

sincere and committed construction

Quality Objectives

Quality Management

Construction of quality management systems, order expansion and construction period reduction, service expansion and defect complaint reduction

Quality Policy

Quality Improvement

Contributing to society through customer satisfaction with continuous quality improvement to secure reliability in construction




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e-mail: lnb21@hanmail.net

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